Korean Transgender Rights Organisation JOGAKBO
is an organisation that advocates for the rights of transgender people and works on gender and diversity issues.

As our name(*JOGAKBO, 조각보 means a Patchwork Quilt in Korean language) suggests, the complex lives of transgender people are intertwined, and various aspects of gender identity come together. 

We hope to spread a sculpture in Korean society where different colours have their own colours, but also come together.

The values of the transgender rights organisation are:

Sustainable life as a transgender person is our main value.

We want to conduct feminist activities that reflect our concerns about gender and diversity.

We want to be a platform for various activities that can improve transgender human rights.

Korean Transgender Rights Organisation JOGAKBO does:

Receptions. We create a space to share the joys and sorrows of life, empathise and give voice.

The Attic. We organise regular meetings to meet and talk to anyone who wants to talk about transgender issues.

HEAR HERE. Record and accumulate life history oral histories of people living with transgender issues, making meaning of their experiences and creating discourse.

JOGAKBOJAGI. An independent journal publication that covers transgender stories and creates dialogue.

PIECES TOGETHER. "Our activities are our history" We archive, share, re-produce, and document the meaning of our existence.

Korean Transgender Rights Organisation JOGAKBO will continue to work in the following ways

Documentation. By recording and releasing the stories and histories of transgender people, we hope to discover various meanings of life.

Communication. We want to talk about transgender experiences and issues, share them together, and grow old together.

Solidarity. To continue to stand in solidarity with the human rights agenda, including transgender human rights.

Party. We want to create spaces for transgender people and their supporters to come together to speak, encourage, comfort, and celebrate.